Lila Duray

A Collection of Delightfully Delectable Poems

Children's Poetry Anthology
Coming Spring 2023
Just in time for National Poetry Month!

From Emily Morrison, the inspired author of What Color Is Goodness?, comes the remarkable poetry collection Lila Duray, featuring the marvelous work of British illustrator Aileen Bennett.

Morrison stretches the bounds of imagination and enchantment in this collection infused with humor, empathy, profound truths, and delightful characters. The clever interplay of Bennett’s illustrations draws the reader into the nuances of the words as they come alive in the reader’s mind.

Join the likes of Lila Duray, Not So Hopeless Harry, Picky Patricia, Princess Penelope, and Earring and Chestnut. You’ll find stinky feet, gluten free diets, delicious days and dreamy dollops of butter. It’s a space where you can go on a safari, stare honesty in the face, become an astronaut and make your own luck. Engaging the reader with lyrical and descriptive rhyme and evoking creative expression, Lila Duray is often read aloud, shared and recited. It may even inspire a young reader to write their own poetry. The answer to our shortage of modern-day children’s poetry, this book will be cherished by readers of all ages. Perfect for gifting or special occasions, this collector’s item will be treasured for years to come.

About Me

Emily Morrison spent her childhood immersed in reading, feeling most at home in the world of poetry. After graduating from the University of Virginia with a degree in English and completing her law and business degrees at Tulane University, she detoured with a sixteen-year career on Wall Street.

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